Submissions Wanted (The Manila Envelope)

I was asked by The Manila Envelope to let you know that they are accepting writingsubmissions for their Fall Issue:

“We are looking for new work (poetry, short fiction, creative nonfiction and visual art work) to include in our upcoming Fall Issue by the end of September.”

If you would like, you may find more information on their submission page.

Note: There is a submission fee.

On a side note: please feel free to contact me (via email or on a comment) if your magazine is looking for submissions.ย  I have another page I’m going to blog about later this week that I’m in love with for play-writing opportunities, but I would love to expand and add a page on my blog for ongoing submission opportunities. I want to get my readers as much information on different places to publish to make their search easier.

12 comments on “Submissions Wanted (The Manila Envelope)

      • This is a bit like paying an agent to proof read.
        Sort of leaves a sour taste.
        I am quite happy putting my stuff up on my blog if I am going to have to pay someone to accept my work. Sounds a bit desperate.
        I would have balked if my SA publisher had demanded anything upfront for my first book.
        But thanks for the link.
        Always good to learn something new.

  1. A writer should never have to pay to submit something for publication. This is nothing more than a scam. The only time a writer should consider paying a fee is when entering a contest (the fee covers the administration, reading, and actual prize money awarded). Even then one must carefully research the contest and ensure it’s a legitimate contest. There are a lot of people in this world who like to prey on writers desperate for publication.

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