33 comments on “Book worlds worth living in

  1. For me, this is quite easy, I would go to Middle Earth. I would love to live in Hobbiton or in Rivendell, hobbit or elf that is the question?! But that would be the only place I would love to live and stay…great question

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    Which book world would I live in, if I could so decide? Well, excusing living in Metropolis with Superman, I would quite easily chose the Wizarding world and Hogwarts. What lover of Harry Potter wouldn’t want to?!

  3. I would choose the alternate version of England that’s the setting for the Thursday Next series by Jasper Fforde. It’s close enough to our own world, but the biggest difference is that books are held to a much higher regard and one can even enter the world of fiction. Also, they have airships, and those just look awesome.

  4. Ooo good question….Narnia is always a trippy one and a bit raucous to boot, Jack Sheffield’s Ragley with its peaceful way of life would also be a noce place to chill out. Kirrin Island too…well any of Enid Blyton’s creations for that matter.

  5. Does hanging-out with a pseudonymous author count? If so, then definitely lounging in the cafes of Copenhagen circa 1840’s; smoking cigars and sipping Single Malt Scotches, all the while conversing with that master of Irony Mr Johannes Climacus . If not that, then possibly a character in ‘The Monk’. There is nothing quite like a good original Gothic Romance.

  6. Hmm, tough question. I wouldn’t choose anything medieval that didn’t have lots of magic – anyone who thinks a bit about how the average life in these sorts of places goes would agree I hope. 😉 (I may be being too practical abut this.)

    Even with lots of magic, I think I’d rather go for a futuristic setting. Perhaps the setting of RIchard K. Morgan’s “Takeshi Kovacs” novels, or the “Ringworld” novels of Larry Niven.

  7. Any literature that embodies existential struggle, immigrant stories and life in general. I would like to travel the world of Cimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Moshin Hamid, and Chitra Divakaruni.

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