What buy art really buys

I ran across this image today (posted by an artist friend of mine on facebook ) and I fell in love with it.

What do you think? What else does buy art entail that isn’t covered below?

What buy Art really buys

16 comments on “What buy art really buys

  1. A six-pack of beer when you really need a break. The opportunity to take neglected friends out to dinner to show them that you still care despite be locked up in your studio/study/lab, etc… Some encouragement. The knowledge that there are still things worth making and thoughts yet to be thought.

  2. I think everything is pretty much covered in the “buying more time to do something they are passionate about.” While it’s speaking specifically about the artist’s craft, it also talks about taking their friends out (I hope they’re passionate about their friends in some way!), getting their bills paid (it’s a different kind of passion that you have to take care of the mundane things), or making another piece – because when they can buy their supplies, they’re buying more time to do it – if you can’t make anything, you can’t take the time to do it! 🙂

  3. These are the ‘hidden’ things, from an artist’s viewpoint. You also buy YOURSELF lots of things too – hours of pleasure, fresh looks at the familiar, status (!), decorating panache, a conversation piece, meditative focus, perhaps even new understandings! About 14 for the price of one if you up both lists! But wait, there’s more….

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