A Wild Rumpus

sendakYesterday would have been Maurice Sendak’s 85 birthday. As  with many of my favorite childhood authors, he wasn’t a favorite of mine until I was an adult.

As a child, Where the Wild Things Are, was one of my favorite books for its surface story. Who wouldn’t want to be escape on a wild adventure and come home to hot supper?

But what I didn’t appreciate, what I couldn’t appreciate then in my childish state of mind was that Sendak did what so many fail to. He was a subversive and an unique voice  able to capture the needs of his audience.

Even when I didn’t understand the complex emotions in Where the Wild Things Are, I could feel them. He, like many children authors, understood the complex working of a child and that there are some very dark feelings in childhood which need to be explore. It isn’t always a moral world of joy.

In honor of his birthday, I have complied a wild rumpus of links:

1) Check out his books, maybe buy a few. (And not just Where the Wild Things Are. I personally love In The Night Kitchen which was banned for many years because of an illustration of a naked child. )

2)  Watch one of his last interviews. (Bonus Stephen Colbert is always hilarious.)

3) Read an article about his “scary”  work

4) Find out10 interesting facts about the man

5) Hear Sendak speak about childhood

And lastly

6) Write your own piece inspired by Sendak!

Now on to the wild rumpus!

8 comments on “A Wild Rumpus

  1. I loved ‘In the Night Kitchen’! I had no idea it caused issues because of the naked boy. It didn’t even register with me (or bother my parents). I was more disturbed by the cooks who seemed unconcerned they were going to cook a child in a cake!

  2. I’m going to try #6… I suddenly feel like sobbing… Thanks, I had no idea how big an impact this man has made on me.

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  4. Since you came by and said hi by liking me, I figured I would return the favor. This is quite the uniqe post and definitely struck my emotions. Where the Wild Things Are was an inspiration to such a violence filled life when all I wanted to do what sleep it all away. Thank you for the reminder! Love and Light xo

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