Wanted: Something new

When I think of writers, I think of the lone wolf. A slinky man with a bottle of  Whiskey in one hand, and a typewriter in the other or a woman softly spilling her blood on paper, wistfully looking through a window to a dimly lit corner street.  While  others are out and about, we writers are burning the midnight oil by the soft neon glow of  my laptop. It can be, at times, a lonely business.

But, every so often, we as writers need to come out of our dusty corners, let our fingers rest and restore ourselves to humanity.

This is where I’m at. I have several solitary projects I am working on, but I feel a longing, a yearning to find something new, something collaborative,  a writing circle with online friends, perhaps, writing for another blog, heck maybe starting up a fledgling journal….

So my friends, if you come by any opportunities or want to start one up with me, please let me know. Either here or through email (reestanf at gmail .com)

Peace n love my friends.



17 comments on “Wanted: Something new

  1. You’re welcome to look over The Fauxpocalypse Project. It’s a project to put together a collection of short stories by different authors in a shared world.

    At the moment I have been neglecting it, because my current novel is in a critical phase, but I do intend to make it my primary focus as soon as my first draft is complete.


  2. I’ve reached that point too. I enjoy working on my projects independently just as love blogging. But often I get this longing to work closely with someone. Without that, I feel like the lone wolf you described, the quiet guy alone in his writing den.

    On the Web, it looks like there are millions of writers. In reality, this seems like a very lonely business. So where are the writers in the “real world”?

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  4. This is exactly how I feel. Writing is a lonely hobby. Though I have always had my muse that I usually brainstorm, but she is so busy we have hardly spoken the last two months. I had no idea I was so dependent on her feedback. So now I almost feel a stand-alone-complex dwelling!

  5. I think sometimes you can improve your own writing when you share and interact with other writers. I’d also love to be part of some sort of writing circle or something just to share with others and learn from others as well….

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog! I came by to check you out, and I noticed how great you are at imagery. The opening paragraph totally sucked me in! Whatever writing community you’re working on building, I’m in full support as a fellow writer =D

  7. Let me know what you want to write about. Probably makes sense to start with a short story. Each write 500ish words (open to whatever) by a set date & then compare notes? Good post by the way. No sweat if you’re not interested 🙂 Journal’s a great idea too.

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