Call for submission, my writer friends!

The Oxford Culture Review

We’re currently looking for submissions so we can dedicate weekends to promoting and publishing original, previously unpublished work. If you’re a poet, writer, or photographer, then we’d love to see your work, to be published either on a regular or a one-off basis.

From writers we are looking for short stories of up to 1500 words, or short stories of up to 5000 words for serialisation. There is no restriction on genre, but we are looking for serious literary fiction. There is no deadline as this will be an ongoing concern, and publication will depend upon the quality and quantity of works we receive. From poets we are looking for poems of up to approximately 50 lines, with the same guidelines as fiction for the style of work we will consider. If you feel your poems work better spoken than written, then feel free to send a (high-quality) video of yourself…

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