What story will you try on next?

TED-Ed explains how literature changes us individually and a society.

This four minute video is worth the watch for any book lover(of for you guys that aren’t!)

It will make inspire you are a reader and a writer.

It left me with a smile even with it’s discussion of the book Pamela, which for anyone how has taken a Brit Lit class can tell you is a lovely read.  Ok, it isn’t. It was one of those books that I could never get into and just supped through so I didn’t fail the class.

The last line is something I want you to think about, it’s what I’m thinking about (and the title of my blog.)  What story will you try on next?

In reading?

In writing?

And in life?

I dated that douche sadly….

Every so often I write a story that’s only purpose is to help others learn from crappy decisions I have made of to help myself vent and thus move on. This is one of those stories, found on I dated that douche, it details two years of my life where I lost myself because of a self-absorbed jerk that I kept making excuses for.

Enjoy. Learn.

If it plays in Peoria (hey my play does!)


During 4play: An Afternoon of Playreading, you’ll love Life, the Universe, and Playreading: A Sextet of Original Plays by Gary Hale and Rachael Stanford.

The event will take place on Sunday, January 20 at 2:30 pm at the Corn Stock Theatre Center. Admission is free.

Plays to be read include:

Game On by Stanford (directed by Jillian Rebmann)
Three Dealt Hands by Hale (directed by Sean Howell)
Precious Pretty Puppies by Hale (directed by Gretchen Teske)
Returns by Hale (directed by Seth Hannan)
A Sunday Proposal by Stanford (directed by Gary Hale)
Red, Blue, Whatever by Hale (directed by Rachael Stanford)

So if you are in the Peoria area, please stop by! It’s a fun evening, very professionally done and if I do say so myself, has two of my most fun pieces in it!

For the official website, please visit Cornstock Theatre’s webpage

A laugh for your day


I haz outgrown my cone and learned to lick my incision site.

My cat Iddy Bitty, my rescue shelter kitty, had a seroma which we had to have lanced. On the last day of his prison, he figured out how to lick his incision site so I had to come up with a last minute fix for the night. Thank you paper plate.