Yearly writing goals

Well I’m trying to be more professional about writing.  I’m like a lot of artist I know, awesome with the creativity, but not so good with the down and out details that go with editing/publishing/etc. I write, get bored, move on to a next project, go back to the first, decide to edit for a while, and end up going round and round in a little evil circle.  So I’m setting out a few goals for the year.

1) Write a half hour ever week day and an hour on the weekends.

2) Finish my major projects (a novella and a children’s story)

3) Network more/ go to at least one writer’s conference

4) Work on my plays and poetry (at least one poem a week, one-two plays a month).

So far half way into the month of January, I have failed miserably.

But I’m not giving up hope yet!

4 comments on “Yearly writing goals

  1. I somehow liken writing to prolonged meditation. It took me a year to be able to sit through a 2-hour uninterrupted meditation session. It felt great when I could finally concentrate. I had to apply the same diligence to writing otherwise I would accomplish nothing. 😦

  2. “Network more/ go to at least one writer’s conference”

    I don’t know what the atmosphere is like in your country but where I come from, writers who make up Writer’s Conferences seem very tribal.

    I get this feeling that they will raise their eyebrows at me (or worse, throw their spears at me) because I did not come from Comparative Literature or AB English.

    I so hate rejection! But who doesn’t, right?

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