Book (shelf) lovers rejoice

From the first moment I watched Beauty and The Beast,  I knew…..

I didn’t want the princess dress

or to be fall in love a beast

or to be in an enchanted castle.

I wanted the library, and all it’s glory, preferably without the semi-abuse man-child  but heck if I can get it in the divorce, I might be able to endure a year or two of talking candlesticks and a grumpy beast.

What word nerd wouldn’t want a wall to wall library that *gasp* you needed ladders to reach the the top.

But alas reaching adulthood had meant that some of my dreams have had to fallen to the wayside, as I find myself a poor twenty-something, living in a teeny tiny libary-less apartment. And when I am able to scrounge up the dough to buy a house, the whole of it will probably fit into the library room.

Bereft but not beaten, I have decided if I can not have an amazingly dream library, I can have the most amazing bookshelves humanely possible, which is why I was amazed to find this site,  25 awesome DIY bookshelves.  It isn’t my epic library but at least I’ll have some awesome and creative ways to house my precious books!

And while I’m on an internet searching binge:

If you are a book lover, crafty and looking for a project, your day will be made!


7 comments on “Book (shelf) lovers rejoice

  1. In the early seventies we used to build our bookshelves with bricks and planks which went along with the matress on the floor and lowered Chinese lanterns! Do not be discouraged. Your library is in your creative mind and can be replicated inb your command of internet space. Your love of literature and books can be cultivated like a flame into a burning cauldron from which your own creativity wil flourish with alacrity! Blessings! John

      • Your mind is the ampitheatre of your heart. if you let it be. We need people like you in the world to save the libraries of the Spirit! Will you let me know when you achieve your future breakthoughs. I hope so!

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