What story will you try on next?

TED-Ed explains how literature changes us individually and a society.

This four minute video is worth the watch for any book lover(of for you guys that aren’t!)

It will make inspire you are a reader and a writer.

It left me with a smile even with it’s discussion of the book Pamela, which for anyone how has taken a Brit Lit class can tell you is a lovely read.  Ok, it isn’t. It was one of those books that I could never get into and just supped through so I didn’t fail the class.

The last line is something I want you to think about, it’s what I’m thinking about (and the title of my blog.)  What story will you try on next?

In reading?

In writing?

And in life?

5 comments on “What story will you try on next?

  1. In reading; Something on Gandhi to believe in humanity, I just finished Hitler.
    In writing; I’m doing something on the almost limitless power of the media in a democracy and it is going on just fine.
    And finally in life; I want to do more non-fictions (Historic stuffs)

  2. A great link, thanks for sharing…I always mean to watch more Ted Talks but somehow the Vampire Diaries always seems to pop up inside. I suspect they are using their paranormal powers on me. Great site and great stories, thanks for the follow!

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