5 gifts for your favorite writer

Tired of getting the writer in your life nice stationary/notesbooks, pens, books or the almighty Barnes N Nobles gift card….

Well you should still stick with those gifts because they are awesome. But it is always fun to mix it up.

So here are some of the awesome ideas I’ve found on the internet.

1) Literary Action Dolls

We have action figures for everything. It’s only time that Shakespeare and Jane Austen got the chance. These little guys are the perfect addition to any writer’s computer, watching over your writer as they craft their next masterpiece.  They also have pretty spiffy plush dolls.

2) Origins also known as the nerdiest game ever.

The game gives you a phrase or word. You go against another team to see who can correctly guess how the phrase started….it’s amazingly more fun than the description in your head makes it sounds.  Hours of fun. Anyone who loves language will love you for this gift!

3) Letters by Kurt Vonnegut 

Fine it’s a book.  But by any writer’s standard, its an interesting and hell of a good book. The letters document Vonnegut’s pain and struggles as a writer as well personal events (including his service in WW2).

Also for the Vonnegut fan, check out the awesome, albeit pricey gifts you can snag them here.

4) Writing is Rewriting bracelet 

Celebrate the frustrating reality of a writer with this Esty score.

5) The most kick-ass keyboard

Writer’s spend way too much of a their time at a computer, let them do it in style.

And a bonus gift since I included a book…..

Online or offline classes and workshops.

These are awesome! Most colleges have them and there are many online sources as well. Surprise your writer with a day/weekend/ or week long chance to hone their skills and meet new people!

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