Online Publishing, taking the plunge

I’m not sure if all writers/artist have the same editing, focus problem as I have, but I think its time I address it. I write, a lot, all over the place in fact.

I start a story, scrap it, or more often than not finish it, but then get distracted by some new wonderful project that stirs the creative juices, leaving me, with a bounty of finished, but unedited projects. I swear I will come back to them. I promise myself, but I find that over the past eight years, I have finished three novel size pieces, a few novellas and many a play.

And they just sit.

So I’m doing something about it, starting today.

And I know just the project.

Three years ago, when I was just out of grad school, I was contacted by a former flame of mine, and artist, and commissioned to write a story for him to illustrated from a graphic novel. Not my bag at all, but I figured why not branch out.  I spent the bulk of my summer, writing and editing a hundred page story for him to fashion a graphic novel after ( I know also not the traditionally way to do it but its how he wanted to.).

I was excited for him to start work on it, but soon it pandered.  He complained he didn’t have time, though I was able to give up my free time to write it and that I wasn’t dedicated, because I didn’t want to model for the book nor did I have time to be driving the three hours away to do that. (I also offered to help pay for a model but that was  shot down….)

The project died.

After considering the pros and cons of online publishing and a lot of research, I have decided to take the plunge,and am I committing myself to finishing it and having it online by the end of this year. It’s going to be a lot of mundane editing and reworking, but my story is worth it and I am worth it.

It’s time I put my longer works out there and give a chance for my voice to be heard.  Shortly, I’ll be posting little excepts and teases to wet your appetite.

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